Kramer Electronics fc-46xI TV Cables מדריך למשתמש

Kramer Electronics fc-46xI TV Cables מדריך למשתמש עבור התקן

Kramer Electronics fc-46xI TV Cables מדריך למשתמש

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K R A ME R E LE CT R O N IC S L TD .USER MANUALMODEL:FC-46xlHDMI Audio De-EmbedderP/N: 2900-000626 Rev 7

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Contents1Introduction122.12.2Getting StartedAchieving the Best PerformanceRecycling Kramer Products2233Overview44Defining the FC-46xl55Connecting the FC-46xl66Technical Specifications8FiguresFigure 1: FC-46xl HDMI Audio De-EmbedderFigure 2: Connecting the FC-46xl HDMI Audio De-EmbedderFC-46xl – Contents57i

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1IntroductionWelcome to Kramer Electronics! Since 1981, Kramer Electronics has beenproviding a world of unique, creative, and affordable solutions to the vast range ofproblems that confront the video, audio, presentation, and broadcastingprofessional on a daily basis. In recent years, we have redesigned and upgradedmost of our line, making the best even better!Our 1,000-plus different models now appear in 11 groups that are clearly definedby function: GROUP 1: Distribution Amplifiers; GROUP 2: S

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2Getting StartedWe recommend that you:Unpack the equipment carefully and save the original box and packagingmaterials for possible future shipmentReview the contents of this user manuali2.1Go to check for up-to-date user manuals, application programs, and to check iffirmware upgrades are available (where appropriate).Achieving the Best PerformanceTo achieve the best performance:Use only good quality connection cables (we r

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2.2Recycling Kramer ProductsThe Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2002/96/ECaims to reduce the amount of WEEE sent for disposal to landfill or incineration byrequiring it to be collected and recycled. To comply with the WEEE Directive,Kramer Electronics has made arrangements with the European AdvancedRecycling Network (EARN) and will cover any costs of treatment, recycling andrecovery of waste Kramer Electronics branded equipment on arrival at the EARNfacility. For detai

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3OverviewThe FC-46xl is a high−performance HDMI audio de−embedder. The unitde−embeds audio from the HDMI input or from the HDMI output Audio ReturnChannel to S/PDIF, TOSLINK® and analog audio outputs simultaneously.The FC-46xl lets you connect your HDMI source to an HDMI display and enjoyhigh-quality digital audio at the same time (for example, when using a high-qualityAV receiver).iWhen there are more than two channels of audio (for example, 5.1),the audio is available only on the digita

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4Defining the FC-46xlFigure 1 defines the FC-46xl HDMI Audio De-Embedder.Figure 1: FC-46xl HDMI Audio De-Embedder#Feature1AUDIO SOURCESELECT ButtonFunctionINPUTRelease to select audio from HDMI INOUTPUTPress in to select audio from HDMI OUT TVaudio return signal2IN LEDLights to indicate signal presence at HDMI IN3OUT LEDLights to indicate that an acceptor isconnected to HDMI OUT4ON LEDLights when the unit is powered on5HDMI IN ConnectorConnect to the HDMI source6HDMI OUT ConnectorConnect to the

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5Connecting the FC-46xliAlways switch off the power to each device before connecting it to yourFC-46xl. After connecting your FC-46xl, connect its power and thenswitch on the power to each device.To connect the FC-46xl as illustrated in the example in Figure 2:1. Connect the HDMI source (for example, a Blu-ray disc player) to the HDMIIN connector.2. Connect the HDMI OUT connector to the HDMI acceptor (for example, aplasma display).3. Connect the audio output(s) to the digital/analog audio accept

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Figure 2: Connecting the FC-46xl HDMI Audio De-EmbedderFC-46xl - Connecting the FC-46xl7

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6Technical SpecificationsINPUT:HDMI connectorOUTPUTS:1 HDMI connector1 TOSLINK® optical digital audio connector1 S/PDIF digital audio on an RCA connector1 Analog audio on a 3.5 mm mini connectorOPERATION FREQUENCY:Supports up to 6.75Gbps (2.25Gbps per graphic channel)1080p @60Hz, 36-bit Deep ColorCOMPLIANCE WITH HDMISTANDARD:Supports HDMI, HDCPCONTROLS:Audio Source Select buttonINDICATOR LEDS:ON, IN, OUTPOWER SOURCE:5V DC, 730mAOPERATING TEMPERATURE:0° to +40°C (32° to 104°F)STORAGE TEMPERA

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For the latest information on our products and a list of Kramer distributors,visit our Web site where updates to this user manual may be found.We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback.Web site: www.kramerelectronics.comE-mail:!P/N:SAFETY WARNINGDisconnect the unit from the powersupply before opening and servicing2900- 000626Rev: 7

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