Hotpoint GA 750 X Stove מדריך למשתמש

Hotpoint GA 750 X Stove מדריך למשתמש עבור התקן

Hotpoint GA 750 X Stove מדריך למשתמש

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Operating InstructionsHOBContentsGBInstallation, 2-7GBEnglish,1PositioningGas connectionData plateBurner and nozzle specificationsElectrical connection, 8Description of the appliance, 9Overall viewStart-up and use, 10-11Practical advice on using the burnersPrecautions and tips, 12Maintenance and care, 13Switching the appliance offCleaning the applianceGas tap maintenanceTroubleshooting, 14After Sales Service, 15Repair Service and Information DeskExtended WarrantiesGenuine Parts and AccessoriesGu

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Installation! Please keep these operating instructions for futurereference. Pass them on to possible new owners of theappliance.Positioning! Keep packaging material out of the reach of children. Itcan become a choking or suffocation hazard (seePrecautions and tips).! The appliance must be installed by a qualifiedprofessional according to the instructions provided.Incorrect installation may cause harm to people andanimals or may damage property.! This unit may be installed and used only in perman

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! Check that the pressure of the gas supply is consistentwith the values indicated in Table 1 (“Burner and nozzlespecifications”). This will ensure the safe operation andlongevity of your appliance while maintaining efficientenergy consumption.FrontGBConnection with a rigid pipe (copper or steel)Hooking positionfor top H=40 mmBack! Use the hooks contained in the “accessory pack”• Where the hob is not installed over a built-in oven, awooden panel must be installed as insulation. Thismus

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GB2. unscrew the burers with a 7 mm wrench spanner. Theinternal burner has a nozzle, the external burner hastwo (of the same size). Replace the nozzle with modelssuited to the new type of gas (see table 1).3. replace all the components by repeating the steps inreverse order.Replacing the Triple ring burner nozzles1. Remove the pan supports and lift the burners out oftheir housing. The burner consists of two separate parts(see pictures).2. Unscrew the nozzles using a 7 mm socket spanner.Replace t

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Burner and nozzle specifications (for 60 cm and 65 cm versions only)Table 1Liquid GasBurnerThermalpowerkW(p.c.s.*)NominalBy-pass1/100Nozzle1/100(mm)ThermalpowerkW(p.c.s.*)Reduced(mm)(mm)Fast (R)1000.703.0039Reduced Fast (RR)1000.702.60Semi Fast (S)750.40Auxiliary (A)55Triple Crown (TC)Double flame(DCDR internal) (1)Doubleflame (1)DiameterGBNatural GasFlow*(g/h)ThermalpowerkW(p.c.s.*)NominalNozzle1/100Flow*(l/h)*****862182143.00132 (H)28639801891862.60122 (H)2481.6528641201181.6596 (Y)1570.401.00

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GBBurner and nozzle specifications (for 75 cm versions only)Table 1Liquid GasBurnerDiameterThermalpowerkW(p.c.s.*)NominalBy-pass1/100Nozzle1/100(mm)ThermalpowerkW(p.c.s.*)Reduced(mm)(mm)Reduced Fast (RR)1000.702.6039Semi Fast (S)750.401.65Auxiliary (A)550.40Triple Crown (TC)130Ultrarapid (UR)Natural GasFlow*(g/h)ThermalpowerkW(p.c.s.*)NominalNozzle1/100Flow*(l/h)*****801891862.60122 (H)24828641201181.6596 (Y)1571.00285073711.0079 (6)951.503.306165x22402363.60103x23431000.703.4039912472433.40138

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Electrical ConnectionGB! THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED.The hob is designed to work with alternating current,the supply voltage and frequency indicated on therating plate (situated under the hob). Make sure thatthe local supply voltage corresponds to the voltageindicated on the rating plate.Connecting the supply cable to the mainselectricity supplyFor models supplied without a plug, fit a standardplug suitable for the load indicated on the ratingplate, onto a cable and connect to a suitable sock

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Description of theapplianceOverall viewGBGAS BURNERSSupport Grid forCOOKWAREControl Knobs forGAS BURNERSGAS BURNERSSupport Grid forCOOKWAREControl Knobs forGAS BURNERSSAFETYDEVICES *Ignition forGAS BURNERS *• GAS BURNERS differ in size and power. Use thediameter of the cookware to choose the mostappropriate burner to cook with.• Control Knobs for GAS BURNERS adjust the sizeof the flame.• GAS BURNER ignition* enables a specific burnerto be lit automatically.• SAFETY DEVICE* stops the gas

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Start-up and useGB! The position of the corresponding gas burner orelectric hotplate* is shown on every knob.Gas cooker hobs are equipped with discrete poweradjustment that allows for accurately adjusting theflame to 5 different power levels. Thanks to thissystem, gas hobs are also capable of guaranteeingthe same cooking results for each recipe, as theoptimal power level for the desired type of cookingcan be identified in an easier, more accurate way.Gas burnersEach burner can be adjusted to one

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Practical advice on using the burnersPractical Advice on Using the Half Fish-KettleBurner *GBTo ensure the burners operate efficiently:• Use appropriate cookware for each burner (seetable) so that the flames do not extend beyondthe bottom of the cookware.The two "Half Fish-Kettle" burners, are eliptic in formand can be turned up to 90°. This makes the cooktopmore flexible in terms of how it can be used.• Always use cookware with a flat base and a cover.• When the contents of the pan reach

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Precautions and tipsGB! This appliance has been designed and manufacturedin compliance with international safety standards. Thefollowing warnings are provided for safety reasons andmust be read carefully.General safety• This is a class 3 built-in appliance.• Gas appliances require regular air exchange tomaintain efficient operation. When installing thehob, follow the instructions provided in theparagraph on “Positioning” the appliance.• These instructions are only valid for the countri

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Maintenance and careSwitching the appliance offDisconnect your appliance from the electricity supplybefore carrying out any work on it.! It is not necessary to remove the pan supports inorder to clean the hob surface. Thanks to thesupport system, simply lift and hold the pansupports or rotate them until they rest against a rearsupport.Cleaning the appliance! Do not use abrasive or corrosive detergents such asstain removers, anti-rust products, powder detergentsor sponges with abrasive surfaces:

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TroubleshootingGBIt may happen that the appliance does not function properly or at all. Before calling the service centre forassistance, check if anything can be done. First, check to see that there are no interruptions in the gas andelectrical supplies, and, in particular, that the gas valves for the mains are open.ProblemPossible causes/SolutionThe burner does not light or the flame is noteven around the burner.• The gas holes on the burner are clogged.• All the movable parts that make up

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Guarantee12 months Parts and Labour GuaranteeYour appliance has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guarantee, which covers the cost of breakdown repairs fortwelve months from the date of purchase.This gives you the reassurance that if, within that time, your appliance is proven to be defective because of eitherworkmanship or materials, we will, at our discretion, either repair or replace the appliance at no cost to you.This guarantee is subject to the following conditions:The appliance has been

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02/2012 - 195097459.01XEROX FABRIANOAfter Sales ServiceNo one is better placed to care for your Hotpoint appliance during the course of its working life than us – themanufacturer.Essential Contact InformationHotpoint ServiceWe are the largest service team in the country offering you access to 400 skilled telephone advisors and 1000fully qualified engineers on call to ensure you receive fast, reliable, local service.UK: 08448 224 224Republic of Ireland: 0818 313

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