Uniden GPS352 GPS Receiver מדריך למשתמש

Uniden GPS352 GPS Receiver מדריך למשתמש עבור התקן

Uniden GPS352 GPS Receiver מדריך למשתמש

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GPS352 Owner’s Manual

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TMTable of ContentsIntroduction....................................................................... 3Features.........................................................................................3Important Vehicle and Product Safety Information..........................3Getting Started................................................................... 4What’s Included.............................................................................4The Parts of the GPS Device.................

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TMIntroductionCongratulations on your purchase of Uniden’sGPS352 navigation device. This manualcontains important information on how to safely useyour GPS device in your vehicle. Please read this manualcarefully and follow all safety instructions.Important Vehicle and .Product Safety InformationBefore using yourGPS device, be sure youreview and understand the following information.● This device is not a substitute for common sense andcareful driving. Always comply with all traffic laws of th

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TMGetting StartedWhat’s IncludedCheck the contents of the box and makesure you have all of the following items. Ifany items are damaged or missing, pleasecontact our customer service department(see back page).Surface Mount DiskFlexibleSupport ArmGPS352Owner’s Manual CDMaps onSD CardDC Power CordQuick Reference Guide

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TMThe Parts of the GPS DeviceSee the pictures below and on the following page for the parts of the GPS402 that you will use on a regular basis.FrontLCDTouchScreenZoom IN orScroll UPGo toMenuZoom OUT orScroll DOWNLCDScreenON/OFFBackRemoveableStylusGPSAntenna(extended)Connectorfor OptionalExternalAntennaSpeakersMountingHoles forSupportArm

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TMRightaudiovolumeLeftAudio OUTSupports standard3.5 mm audioheadphones.Built-in GPSAntenna(extended)VolumeControlPower ON/OFFDC PowerInputpower11-15VDCTurns the entiredevice on or off.BottomSD CardThe SD Card must be installed for themapping features to operate properly.

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TMInstalling the GPS Device in Your VehicleWindshield MountingWhen you install the device for the first time, attach thedevice to the support arm before attaching the arm to yourvehicle windshield.Note: Before attaching the suction cup, clean the insideof your windshield with a standard window cleaner and alint-free cloth.4. Press the suction cupfirmly against thewindshield and pushthe suction lock uptowards the suctioncup. To release thesuction cup, pull thelock back towards thesupport arm and

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TMPermanent Dashboard or Console MountingNOTE:.The surface mount disc is designed topermanently stick to most surfaces. Attemptingto remove the disc may cause damge to thesurface. Be certain you have the disc in thedesired location before exposing the adhesive.To mount the device on a rough surface, such as yourdasboard or console, use the surface mount disk thatcame with your device. This disk permanently mounts inyour car and provides a stable base for the suction cupmount.2. Clean the surface

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TMUsing the InterfaceUsing the Main Menu ScreenWhen the device first powers on, it displays the menu screen. To select any item on any screen, simply tap the itemwith your finger or the removeable stylus.BatterychargeindicatorShow thecurrentmap andlocationEnter orselect adestinationShow thehardwareand softwareversionsGo to theGPS statusscreenChange the device setupand user information.

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TMUsing the Map ScreenAs soon as the device acquires a valid satellite signal, it switches to the Map screen. You will probably use this screen themost, so be sure you are familiar with its layout, icons, and options. The arrow in the center of the screen shows yourcurrent position. If the arrow is red, it means the device has a valid GPS lock on your current position; if the arrow isgray, the device does not have a lock on your position. (See Troubleshooting if you have difficulty achieving a l

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TMChanging the Map ViewYou can set the view so that the direction you are headingis always at the top of the map, and the map itself turns.Zooming In and OutThe device has 8 zoomlevels. One-half inch on thescreen can equal 8 miles, 4miles, 2 miles, 1 mile, 1/2 mile, 1000 feet, 500 feet,or 250 feet. Tap the plusbutton to zoom in to thenext level and the minusbutton to zoom out. Eachtime you zoom, the scaleappears in the lower rightcorner of the map.Tap the compassicon in the bottomleft corner of

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TMChanging the Map OptionsShowing Map Labels for Streets and RoadsSelect Yes to turn on the labels for streets or roads on themap. Labels for smaller streets will only show when themap is zoomed in.To change the defaut map view and display options, fromthe Menu screen choose Setting and then Map Options.This opens the Map Options screen:Adjusting the Map ColorsThe Map Display Color automatically adjusts as theambient light level changes from day to night. You can setthe map to remain one single

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TMShowing a Breadcrumb TrailAs you drive, thedevice can leave atrail of markers or“breadcrumbs” soyou can retrace yourroute. This is useful ifyou are off-road or inan area where roadshave changed since the latest map update.3. Tap the back arrow to return to the previous screen orthe map icon to go back to the map screen.Showing Points of Interest on the MapYou can show icons for different points of interest on themap, so you can always see when you are close to one.5. To remove thepoints of

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TMCreating a RouteYou can plot a detailed route, including turn by turn directions, to any destination you choose. If you miss a turn or gooff the route, the device can automatically recalculate the route from your current location. You can create and save 25custom routes. To create a route, from the Menu screen, select Destination; this opens the Set Destination screen:Go back to themap screenGo back tothe previousscreenSelect adestinationfrom the preprogrammedpoints ofinterest listEnter yourde

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TMEntering an Address as Your Destination3. Once you select a state or region, the Find Addressscreen opens with the last state you selected alreadyloaded. (To change the state, select Change to go back tothe Select a State screen):You can plot a route to any address in the US or Canada.Follow the steps below to enter address as your routedestination:1. From the Menu screen, select Destination and thenchoose Address. This opens the address entry interface.The first time you enter an address, the

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TM5. After you select a street, the Enter a House Numberscreen appears. This screen is almost the same as theSelect a Street and Select A City screens, but it startswith the number pad instead of the alphabet keypad andhas an OK button in the top right hand corner:Tap the OK buttonto confirm theaddress andcalculate the route.Tap the right arrowto see the rest of theaddress.7. After you enter the house number, the device calculatesa route from your current location to this address. Itmay take a f

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TMReading the Route ScreenOnce your route is calculated, the device displays the route screen. The route screen is based on the Map Screen, withthe following additonal information (all the controls on the Map Screen funtion the same way on the Route screen):The distance to your next turnThe name of your next turnThe direction ofyour next turnCancelthisrouteYour startingpoint for thisrouteYour route ishighlightedin greenTurn Countdown BarWhen the next turn iswithin 1000 feet, thisbar counts down

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TMRoute Information and Current Route OptionsFrom the route screen, tap anywhere inside the map areato show the route information button:Show the list of stepby step directions.Move & delete waypoints on this route(See Adding Waypoints)Tap the compassto return to theroute screen/Select roads youwant to avoid whencalculating this route.Recalculatethis routeReturn to the mainroute screen.Tap Route to seeinformation andoptions for this route.Saving a RouteTo save the current route,tap the Save butt

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TMNote: If you want to avoid certain types of roads(freeways, tollways, etc.) for all future routes, use theRoute Options screen (see page 26).Avoiding Certain RoadsIf you prefer not to use specific roads for this particularroute, select Avoid Roads. The Avoid Roads screen lists theall the roads and turn-by-turn steps used by the route:Running a Route DemoThe device can show you ananimated “practice run” of theroute at a faster speed: Tap anywhere on theline to select a road.1. From the Rout

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TMUsing Other Destinations for Routing4. After you select the cross street, the device calculatesa route from your current location to this intersection.It may take a few seconds to calculate the route anddisplay the Route screen (see Reading the Route screenon page 16).Entering an Intersection as the DestinationEntering an intersection is very similar to address entry:1. From the Menu screen, select Destination and thenchoose Intersection. This opens the Find Intersectionscreen (The last state

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