Kenwood DDX8046BT GPS Receiver מדריך למשתמש

Kenwood DDX8046BT GPS Receiver מדריך למשתמש עבור התקן

Kenwood DDX8046BT GPS Receiver מדריך למשתמש

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GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEMDNX SERIESDNX9960DNX7160DNX7020EXMONITOR WITH DVD RECEIVERDDX SERIESDDX896DDX8046BTINSTRUCTION MANUALTake the time to read through this instruction manual.Familiarity with installation and operation procedures will help you obtain thebest performance from your new GPS Navigation System/DVD Receiver.For your recordsRecord the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on thewarranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and seri

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ContentsBefore Use4Notes5How to read this manual10Functions of the buttons on the frontpanel12Basic Operation14How to Display Top Menu Screen14Customization of Top Menu Screen15How to play media16How to Display the Source Control Screen 18Operation on the Playback Screen of VisualSources19How to Display the Navigation Screen20Picture in Picture function20Secondary window function21Radio ListeningSource Control ScreenPreset SelectAuto MemoryManual MemoryRadio TextTraffic InformationSearch by Prog

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Hands Free Unit ControlBefore UseDownloading the PhonebookReceiving a CallDuring a CallCall WaitingMaking a CallCalling by PhonebookCalling by Entering a Phone NumberMaking a Call Using Call RecordsCalling by Voice Recognition(DNX7/ DDX8 series)Controlling Tone-based ServicesSetting Up the Hands-Free PhoneVoice Registration(DNX7/ DDX8 series)Key Word Voice Registration(DNX7/ DDX8 series)Phone Number PresetSMS (Short Message Service)Audio ControlAudio Control MenuAudio ControlEqualizer ControlGra

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Before Use2WARNINGLens Fogging• To prevent a short circuit, never put or leaveany metallic objects (such as coins or metaltools) inside the unit.• Do not watch or fix your eyes on theunit’s display when you are driving for anyextended period.When you turn on the car heater in coldweather, dew or condensation may formon the lens in the disc player of the unit.Called lens fogging, this condensation onthe lens may not allow discs to play. In sucha situation, remove the disc and wait forthe co

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Notesseparate from the disc and damage theunit.List of playable discsDisc typesOther notesDVD• If you experience problems duringinstallation, consult your Kenwood dealer.• When you purchase optional accessories,check with your Kenwood dealer to makesure that they work with your model and inyour area.• Select a language used to display menus,audio file tags, etc. See (page 80).• The RDS or RBDS feature won’t workwhere the service is not supported by anybroadcasting sta

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NotesUse of "DualDisc"Root (1)When playing a "DualDisc" on this unit, thesurface of the disc that is not played maybe scratched while the disc is inserted orejected. Since the music CD surface does notconform to the CD standard, playback may beimpossible.(A "DualDisc" is a disc with one surfacecontaining DVD standard signals and theother surface containing music CD signals.)About Audio files• Playable Audio fileAAC-LC (.m4a)MP3 (.mp3)WMA (.wma)Linear PCM (WAVE) (.wav) *1⁄*1 Mass-storage-clas

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• Acceptable mediaMass-storage-class USB deviceAcceptable discs, disc formats, USB devicefile system, file and folder names and playingorder are the same as those for audio files.See .iPod/iPhone that can be connectedto this unitMade for• iPod nano (1st generation)• iPod nano (2nd generation)• iPod nano (3rd generation)• iPod nano (4th generation)• iPod nano (5th generation)• iPod with video• iPod classic• iPod touch (1st generation)• iPod touch (2nd genera

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NotesNavigation units that can beconnected to this unit (DDX seriesonly)• KNA-G610• KNA-G630• Update the navigation software to the latestversion. For how to update the software,refer to the instruction manual of thenavigation unit.For the latest information on connectablenavigation units, access Satellite Radio tunerThis unit supports Satellite Radio tunerswhich are released by SIRIUS and XM.Optional accessories below are necessary forconnection.SIRIUS tuner :

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Region codes in the worldThe DVD players are given a region code according to the country or area it is marketed, asshown in the following map.152612314524DVD disc marksOperation regulatory marksSymbolWith this DVD, some functions of this unitsuch as the play function may be restricteddepending on the location where the DVD isplaying. In this case, the following marks willappear on the screen. For more information,refer to the disc manual.DescriptionALLIndicates a region number. The discs with t

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How to read this manualThis manual uses illustrations to explain itsoperations.Source Control ScreenThe displays and panels shown in thismanual are examples used to provideclear explanations of the operations.For this reason, they may be differentfrom the actual displays or panelsused, or some display patterns may bedifferent.Switches to the source control screen touse various playback functions.1 Display the Source Control ScreenSee (page 27).2 Operatio

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Drag or Flick operationAbout the model groupsPress the button, denoted byIt indicates that you scroll icons orlist items left and right by flicking ordragging them and touch to select thedesired one.The right mark indicates that theycan be scrolled up and down.If different functions are used indifferent model groups, the modelgroups are described as shown below.Names of series included in eachmodel group are as follows:DNX seriesDNX9960, DNX7160, DNX7020EXDDX seriesDDX896, DDX8046BTFunction Icon

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Functions of the buttons on the front panelFor DDX seriesABCD E F GSecurity indicator (page 82)Reset button (page 4)Remote controlsensor1 sec. : Press for longer than 1 secondA Attenuation of the volume On/Off.1 sec. Store the tag data of the current music from HD Radio. (page 52)B Volume adjustment.C Displays Graphic Equalizer screen. *1 (page 73)1 sec. Camera view display On/Off. *2DDNX series and DDX series with navigation unitDisplays the navigation screen.When the navigation screen has alre

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Functions of the buttons on the front panelE Turns the power On. *5Displays the Source Control screen. (page 18)In case of visual sources, the playback screen is first displayed and changed to the sourcecontrol screen by pressing the button again.1 sec. Turns the power Off.F Displays the Hands Free Control screen.1 sec. While watching the Source Control screenSecondary window function On/Off. *4 (page 21)1 sec. While watching the navigation screenDisplays the Screen Control screen. (page 58)1 se

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Basic OperationHow to Display Top Menu ScreenTop Menu Screen is the entrance to allthe functions. You can select sources andvarious setup menus from this screen.Top Menu screenTouch the [MENU] button on any screen.The Top Menu Screen appears.How to display the Top Menu screenDNX series and DDXseries with navigationunitDDX series withoutnavigation unitThe Top Menu Screen appears.When a video screen is displayed14DNX series DNX9960/ DNX7160/ DNX7020EXButtons on the Top Menu screenFor how to operat

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Basic Operation1[]* Displays Tools screen ofnavigation.[]*1 Displays Where To ? screen ofnavigation.[] Switches to the navigation screen.[] Switches to the Hands Free Mainscreen.[]*1 Displays Navigation Settingsscreen.[] Displays SETUP Menu screen.(page 78)[] Displays Hands Free SETUP screen.(page 88)[] Displays Audio Control Menuscreen. (page 72)[] Displays the EXT SW (ExternalSwitch) Control screen. (page 55)[] Changes the screen skin each timeit is pressed. (DNX9/ DDX series only)[] Closes th

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Basic OperationHow to play media7 Disc media7 SD card (DNX series only)This SD card slot is used to upgrade theNavigation System.For how to upgrade the NavigationSystem, refer to the instruction manual ofthe navigation system.0Press the [0] button to open/close thefront panel.If a disc is already inserted, it is ejectedby pressing the [0] button.7 iPodTo disconnect the iPod, stop theplayback by touching the [0] buttonon the source control screen, and thendisconnect the iPod. See

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Basic OperationNext page 3DDX series DDX896/ DDX8046BTEnglish17

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Basic OperationHow to Display the Source ControlScreenWhile watching the navigation screenwith secondary windowOn the Source Control screen you can findall the control buttons for the selectedsource.Source Control Screen• For how to use each button, see theoperation pages of each source.How to display the Source ControlscreenThe Source Control Screen appears.⁄• The screen will return to the navigation screenby touching the same part of the Source Controlscreen.While watching the Easy Contr

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Basic OperationOperation on the Playback Screenof Visual SourcesWhile watching visual sources, basicoperation is possible by touching thescreen.The screen has 4 function areas. Thefunction of each area is differentdepending on the sources. (Some areas areunavailable for some sources.)The Playback screen of a visual sourceappears.While watching the Source ControlScreenPlayback screen of a visual sourceThe Playback screen of a visual sourceappears.1342Basic operation of each area1 Displays Menu co

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Basic OperationHow to Display the NavigationScreenDNX seriesThe navigation screen appears.DDX series withnavigation unitPicture in Picture functionTwo screens, the navigation screen andsource screen, are displayed. When Picturein Picture function is on, touching thesource screen switches between thecamera image and source image.1 sec.Pressing the button for longer than 1second while the navigation screen isdisplayed switches the Picture in Picturefunction on/off.The navigation screen appears.•

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