Dakota Digital MCL-3212 Automobile Parts מדריך למשתמש

Dakota Digital MCL-3212 Automobile Parts מדריך למשתמש עבור התקן

Dakota Digital MCL-3212 Automobile Parts מדריך למשתמש

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MODEL MCL-3212SPEEDOMETER/TACHOMETER for 2012 – up Dyna and Softail with 4” gaugeIMPORTANT NOTE! This gauge has an odometer preset option that is only available one time in the first 100 miles(160km) of operation. See “Odometer preset” for instructions.GAUGE SETUP AND CALIBRATIONThe setup menus are entered by holding the switch in while turning the key on. The menus are as follows:120read diagnostic codesadjust calibrate speedselect speed unitmiles to service settingturn on/off performan

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MOUNTINGThe gauge will mount using the original housing, grommet, and screws. Unbolt the two screws from the backplate at the back of the gauge housing, then unplug the factory gauge, noting the position of the grommets. There is onegrommet on the front between the gauge and housing and one on the back between the housing and the back plate.Install the Dakota Digital gauge in reverse order installing grommets and then plugging into the factory plug and securingwith the two screws.FUNCTION SWITCH

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SPEED CALIBRATIONThe speed calibration is not required unless you have changed out the stock transmission, pulley, or tires.ADJvST Adjust••••Press and release the switch until “AdJvSt” is displayed, then press and hold the switch until “ - ” is displayed.Release the switch. The display will show “fast“ or “sLOWX”. Fast will allow you to increase the speedometer reading, slow willallow you to decrease the speedometer reading.Press and release the switch to change, press an

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Set FC Temperature sender setupThe temperature gauge can read the stock head temperature sensor from the ECM.••••Press and release the switch until “Set FC” is displayed, then press and hold the switch until “ - ” is displayed.Release the switch. The current sender type will be shown with its unit. (HEAD F, HEAD C).Press and release the switch until the desired setting is displayed.Press and hold the switch until “ - ” is displayed to save the setting.HI F-C Temperature warni

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FUELFUEL Low fuel light and distance to empty setupIf the range feature is turned on, the range reading will initially show the word range until a tank of gas has been driven toallow the gauge to complete its setup based on your driving. Begin with a full tank of gas and do not refill it until it gets below ¼ tank ofgas. This can be done on multiple trips as long as no fuel is added before it gets low enough. After the initial setup the display willshow r followed by the calculated distance to

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Troubleshooting guideProblemGauge will not light up.Gauge lights up, but speedwill only show zero.Speed reading is incorrect.Gauge lights up, but tachwill only show zero.Gauge will not dim.Gauge remains dim at alltimes.Temperature reading doesnot show up.Low Fuel Light not turningon.Low Fuel Light turningon too early/late.Low Fuel Light always on.Low Fuel Light flashing.Possible causeRed/Orange wire does not have power.Black/Green wire is not getting a good ground.CAN bus wiring open or short.Ig

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